Wightsails – the beginning

Our first blog post (albeit written a little while ago).

The wightsails plan is simple enough, a couple of people who like sails and sailing, care about the environment and are entrepreneurs put these skills together and decided to recycle sails into new products.    Yep, starting another new business and the roller coaster ride of emotions starts again.  We have a number of businesses and I think I am addicted to launching new companies, it is a the fun bit after all.

What I didn’t fully appreciate was the havoc old sails can reek if they are dumped into landfill.  Not only do they have an issue with being told to biodegrade, but they have a habit of unfolding and protecting everything under them.  Bad all round and I do know of large companies who have dumped many sails into landfill.   Sail cloth has a lot of life left in it when it comes off a boat, windsurf, hang glider, microlite, kite etc and we intend to turn these unwanted sails into beautiful new products such as windbreaks, bags, outdoor furniture to name but a few.

There is some debate whether this is called recycling or upcycling.  I will write a blog further on this issue, but either way is reducing land fill and assisting the effectiveness of current land fill sites (although I am not a fan of land fill in any event).

Anyway, business plans, financial forecasts, some long chats (in the pub of course!) and we were committed.   So where do we find enough sails to make all the products we intend to make and what products should we start with?   Watch this space :)

This blog will catalogue our journey and will also discuss issues within the recycling industry and hopefully we will have some fun along the way.