We want your sails

Many of us have old sails in the garage that will never be used again and are just gathering dust and taking up space. Boat and dinghy sails, windsurfing sails, kitesurfing kites and the like.  Don’t throw them away, contact us and we will turn them into something new.

Send us your sails and we will give you credit towards one of our wonderful products.

–  Fold up your sail and send to Wightsails at 102 Ashey Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 2UZ.

–  When we have received your sail we will send you a credit note for you to use in our online store.

–  Depending on the condition of the sale we will send you a credit up to £25

–  Alternatively, we will donate the amount to charity if you let us know.

–  If none of that works for you, we will simply refund your postage and make a small donation to charity.

We are always on the hunt for sails such as white dacron sails and coloured windsurfing sails, but please note if your sail is beyond help it will go in the shredding and recycling pile without any credit being issued.

Also keep your eyes on our sail collection programs and sail recycling schemes that will be coming to a marina near you very soon.

Would you like us to make a product for you from your own sails?  We can make anything so please get in touch.    Your sail may not be able to sail anymore, but that doesn’t mean it has no purpose.  It deserves it.

We can also arrange for corporate marketing, such as banners, marketing bags and the like. Please get in touch if you have sails and an idea, or just an idea. We can probably help.