Return on Investment

We will pay you to send waste back.

It’s nice to be able to say that we’ve reduced landfill through sail recycling and our sail collection program.  It’s the right thing to do, but the fact is, there is still an environmental impact post purchase.  What happens when you, the customer, decides the product has come to the end of its life?   Yes, our stuff is built to last a lifetime, but we are realists and you may want to part company with your product in the future.

So if we’re not doing anything about that, we’re only solving half of the problem.

Post-purchase is less attractive for businesses, it doesn’t make money and doesn’t have all the buzz words and attractiveness of the flashy, progressive side of sustainability.   In short, it is hard for many to see a return.

That’s short-sighted though, as there are actually some really exciting people working on some really exciting stuff on the ‘back-end’ of product life cycles. Take Rapanui with whom we have worked and are true visionaries with inspiration in bucket loads.   Also the Ellen MacArthur Foundation who are re-engineering our world with circular economies, a concept  that most people have never heard of.

We have created The Bag with Rapanui which is designed to be remade and flowing from this collaboration comes an economic returns policy that is one step nearer to us closing the circular economy circle.  Rapanui call it a return on investment, which is good enough for us, so …. our innovative Return on Investment Scheme goes something like this:

Return on Investment.

First, do what is sensible.

  • Can I repair it?  Got a loose thread?  Really… would you actually bin it for a lose thread?!  Grab a needle and cotton and give it a go.  Repairing is satisfying, just think for a moment.
  • Don’t throw it in the bin send it back to us.  You may ask, why would I send it back to you guys??   Well for one We will PAY YOU for doing just that and two it will cost you nothing in postage either, win win !


And for every item you return to us at the end of its life, we’ll do the following for you.

1. We will cover the full postage costs, it will be free to return your item to us.

2. We will give you £5 voucher for your used item, subject to a few t’s and a few c’s.

3. We will recycle, re-use or repurpose your item, depending on its condition.

4. You save money, we will have sold an item and best of all, together, we will have made a difference to that environmental impact that happens post-purchase.

Want to complete the circle and send a product back then please email us with your details and details of the product and we will take it from there.