Recycled Sails – how we use a retired sail

What we currently use from a sail :

Sail – the nicer bits are all used for products, even the smaller pieces of sailcloth can be used for pockets and the like.

Thicker pieces of sailcloth – such as the head of the sail (the top) and the corners are used for shopping trolley lids and bases where possible.

Rope – many sails have rope sewn internally which is often free moving.  This is to allow the sailor the opportunity to tension or slaken the sail and change its shape.   This rope never sees the outside world so is often still new in appearance.  We use this rope in a number of products, the thinner cord is used for pull cord on our crew bags and other zipped items.

Rings –  used for anchorage points on the corners of a sail and made of marine grade steel, they are used on the shopping trolley lids partly as decoration and partly to tie it down.

Piston Hanks –  We scrub up these brass hanks and sell them as keyrings.

Battens – are strong carbon fibre (normally) strips sewn or slotted into sails to strengthen and keep sail shape.  They are designed to be light yet strong and therefore make  a perfect kite frame.  Currently in research and development, but coming to you very soon.

Kevlar sails – used to make luggage tags and bags.  The really mangled sails we are now stripping out the kevlar thread and using it as kite string.  Our ambition is to strip all this thread and sell it back to the manufacturing process.

The really nasty bits – and whatever is unusable goes to the shredder and you can read more about what we do with the shredded material on our Recycling page.

Sail bags – are chopped up and used for windbreak carriers.

Spinnaker sails – we use for bunting, kites (to follow) and as a liner for make up bags (to follow).

As you can see, there is much to be used from an unwanted sail and just because a sail is retired doesn’t mean it is useless and destined for landfill.