Looking after recycled sailcloth

When sails are not being bombarded with salt water they need little looking after, but the following tips will help prolong the life of your windbreak, deckchair, recycled sailcloth beach bag etc
  • If you can, store your products in the dry
  • If your windbreak or others gets salt water on it, wash it off with fresh water and allow to dry (they dry very quickly)
  • Try not to roll up your windbreak wet, give it a few minutes to dry
  • Sails will crease if you crunch them up so roll the windbreaks and if you have to pack the bag or make it smaller, be a little careful when folding, fold along the already made creases
  • In the unlikely event you get any mould or mildew, scrub with soapy water. ¬†You will only get this if you leave them outside unused and unattended for a long period of time.
  • Most stains will wash off with soapy water
  • For tougher stains, try biotex which you should be able to get in a supermarket (sailmakers recommendation, not ours) lemons and bicarbonate of soda also work and more eco friendly
  • Blood stains can be tricky and old wives tale says you should rinse with cold water first, not hot water.

We love sails and a little rinse once in a while will keep them looking good.

Any problems, please get in touch.