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Recycled sailcloth pet bed.   Can be used as a dog bed, cat bed, or any other pet bed and is made from upcycled sails.

The cover is made from reclaimed sailcloth, saved from landfill.  The inner filling is recycled bean bag filling.   This is then stuffed into an inner bag made from reclaimed spinnakers.

The lighter bean bag filling makes a lovely cosy cushion for your loved one.   This also acts as an insulator on cold floors as well as a cushioning on hard services and may just encourage your loyal friend to sleep on his/her own bed.

The outer cover has a velcro secured opening on the under side which allows for the inner bag to be removed.  This means the cover is washable.   We would recommend just wiping however, but if you have a very messy pup you can throw it in the washing machine (the cover that is).

We will be cutting through numbers and letters on current sails which will produce the graphic style you see in the photo.  Each dog bed and cat bed will be unique and not identical to the one in the photo.

We have sewn in a handy handle to drag the pet bed or carry from place to place.

For those of you who want to personalise (see Ruby in the photo) we can add your pet's name for an additional £3 per letter.  Just email your desired name to when you place an order.

It is tough!  The kids love to use it as a sort of rugby tackle training tool, where one holds in front of his chest and the other one charges at it.  So it has certainly undergone some vigorous testing.

The current photos are of the smaller circular version which measures:

  • Diameter - 62cm
  • Depth - 18cm

A larger oval pet bed is available with the following measurements.  Designed as a bed for the larger dog or really pampered puss.

  • Width -  62cm
  • Length - 100cm
  • Depth - 18cm

Features include:

  • Hand made on Isle of Wight
  • Quick drying and easy wipe clean
  • Machine washable outer
  • Handy Carry Handle
  • A totally recycled upcycled product
  • Personalise option available
  • This product and filling is sprayed with a fire retardant spray that is eco friendly, odourless, machine washable and conforms to British Safety Standards.
  • FREE postage and packaging.

Please note the Cat is not included :) and no animals were harmed making this product or taking these images.

We will be running a photography competition to all who purchase a recycled sailcloth pet bed.  Basically the best looking dog or cat on a pet bed will win lots of goodies.

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