Business Projects

Recycled sail products are an excellent way to promote your company’s brand.

We have recently supplied a range of deckchairs to the Ellen Macarthur Trust that were used at the Bestival on the Isle of Wight.   This was a joint project with eco island to provide users of their free mobile phone charging service with a place to sit.   Brand awareness is important for all manner of businesses, but with an ever increasing demand from customers for your company to be aware and eco conscious it is difficult to know how to provide eco friendly promotional products.

This is where we can help.   Deckchairs where your customers may want to sit is an excellent way to promote your brand.   Powerful images and brand logos can be used that really make the deckchair stand out and you are also providing your customer with a service (sitting down comfortably). Windbreaks can carry your logo and when joined together they make a powerful statement, provide a functional service and all with the environment in mind.   Our products will last longer than many of the corporate branding materials currently available as they are made by hand and also made from tough sails!

Have you ever had pvc banners made for your company.  Send them to us and we will turn them into bags for you to sell, give away, use as promotion.   Why spend hundreds of pounds on banners only to throw them into landfill after one weekend of use?  Make them work for you and the environment.

Don’t just think promotional think Practical.

What about a range of practical bags to be used by your staff?  What you once threw away can be reused in an environmental, economical and marketable way.

All our products are hand made on the Isle of Wight and we can provide fair prices for small to large orders.   Just give us a call and see how we can help you.

Net Evidence – Marketing Banners (made as sails)

IT company Net Evidence provided us with their ideas and designs for two mirrored sails (to be made from reclaimed sails) to market their company at the recent Silicon Cup in Cowes.   The Cup is the IT industry’s annual regatta.

They chose one of the best known pubs in Cowes to display the sails, namely the Anchor Inn.   These sails will now be proudly hung in the boardroom of Net Evidence HQ.

We even managed to keep one of the original tell tails on the sail and the bungees come from some pvc banners we recovered a while ago.