This is the first attempt of making a windbreak pole from the oak that recently arrived.  You will see we had to extend the lathe and the wood has a habit of bouncing around like a tennis ball on a tight rope walk.  Nothing that a wooden structure and some rubber from an old bike tyre couldn’t fix.   Yes, I here you all scream it must take you hours to make one pole!!!  and yes you would be right, but now I have worked it out, built the jig, holding the chisel round the right way and I think I can turn a few an hour.  Still very expensive when you think of my real hourly rate, but if I can turn a large amount to get started it should last.

If, as I hope, the windbreaks are a roaring success, I will get someone to turn them for me (i.e. someone who knows what they are doing).  Anyway, this is the half finished pole.  A bit of sanding and bobs your uncle.