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We have a mass of new products coming shortly, including crew bags, sun shades, foot rests (pouffes to you an me), pet beds (small pouffes), IPad covers and more.

We were going to make a pet bed anyway, but guess who already loves the prototype foot rest?

Wow, it has been a while since our last post.  Apologies, we have been very busy, but now back in the world of blogging, New Year’s resolutions and all that.

So what have we been up to?  We have been busy designing new products (some below) and very busy selling.   Indeed, we have beenrushed off our feet in the run up to Christmas selling a wide range of products.  Particularly popular have been our trendy shopping trolleys (see below) so I hope to see a few of these in the streets (great for being seen in snow).  It was discussed on twitter that these would be good for the Isle of Wight festival, carrying of kit and the like.

We have much more to come in the New Year, new products, an exciting contract and some fun and games.

We are genuinely humbled by the level of response we have had and all the kind words from customers, bloggers and others so we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

You can find all these new products on the site.

Our popular trolley

New large holdall – still a prototype and the new one will be on the main site very soon.

Fed up with snowy, muddy boots in the back of the car or elsewhere.   We love our boot bags that are already being put to good use.

I just had to take some pictures of what we have been playing with.  Still early days, but these bags have been out and about and we have already had some positive feedback.  Logos are arriving this week so expect to see some glossy pictures later this week or next week.     We have also looked at the ‘festival trolley’.  A great piece of luggage for carrying your kit to the Isle of Wight festival or the isle of Wight Bestival.  We of course support sensible drinking, but just imagine how much drink and food you can get in one of these – and still look good!!

Anyway, much, much more to come.   The website will be finished this week (won’t it John:)).  I will introduce John when the website goes live, but he is a bit of a guru and I am lucky to have his support so I will be shamelessly plugging his talents along the way.

I also need to thank Paul Newell Sailmaker and Medina Sailcare of Cowes who are big supporters of Wightsails and have provided material that would have otherwise been thrown away.  I have had a chance to look at these businesses and I can say that if I needed a new sail making I would not hesitate to visit one of these sail lofts.  Great guys and great sails.  Thanks !

More experimenting and I must say I like these.  I showed them to the very nice lady from the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce and she wanted one.   Still working on designs, but edging closer to a range of bags and windbreaks, but if you are reading and have a design in mind, we can make it.  In fact, we can make anything :)  ’A royal we’ !!