We were delighted to see that influential bloggers from Pays to Live Green have written a short piece on our products.    Posted by Tiffany it is our first review and I would just like to say thanks to her for taking the time to post.

Upcycling for those new to the site is the taking of an old product destined for the tip and turning it into a new, different product.  Not recycling per se, but upcycling.

This is the wonderful little shop that is selling our goods in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

Blue is a charming little boutique that sells a range of yummy products.   Have a look at our windbreak (sold this weekend) and bag in the window.   If you are on the mainland (as we Islanders call it) just head down to Lymington and jump on the ferry to Yarmouth.   Ask for the lovely Alison who runs the show.  

I have just returned from our first photo shoot with the lovely Stephanie Mackrill who is an Island photographer and all round lovely woman.

We took the bags and windbreaks down to Ryde sands and had some fun taking pictures and I must say they are much better than my efforts.  As one would expect.

I will be uploading them soon to the main website and in the meantime have a look at these for a taster.    Please have a look at Stephanie’s website as well as she was a true professional who produces first class photos.

Stephanie has also very kindly agreed to be a judge for our gallery competition so please (a) get purchasing and (b) take some pictures with our products.  It also counts if you see someone else with one and can take a picture.

As they say in Oliver “it’s a fine life” and it is a fine feeling when you sell your first product!

We had been fortunate to be able to place a couple of our prototype bags in a lovely little boutique shop in Yarmouth, Blue.   The owners loved our bags and said there and then they would take them ‘as is’.  That was on the Wednesday and come the weekend they sold both of them and took and order for one more. They now want more to stock !!

No champagne corks just yet, but it is a lovely feeling and I want to say a personal thank you to all involved, especially the very talented, hard working Marcia who is the inspiration behind Wightsails.  I am just the very humble businessman.

A huge thanks to John who has produced the website, which is now well and truly in Beta ‘as they say’.

We are still tinkering so bear with us, but please feel free to make any suggestions.  Please feel free to test the payment sections :)

We are having a photo shoot on Thursday (weather permitting) so expect to see some new home page pictures on Friday.

Enjoy the site and if you purchased, please don’t forget to send us your pictures for ‘wightsails in the wild‘ gallery and the chance to win the photography competition.

We have a new member of the Wightsails team who is proving to be a bit of a distraction.

Say hello to chief tester – Ruby :)

It was a beautiful morning, the tide was out so I popped down to Appley beach in Ryde and took some pictures.  More on the site, which I hope will be live this week or beginning of next (any day now ….).

I was on the beach the other morning when the sun was shining bright and the tide was out.  I wanted to try and take some pictures of our prototypes. Anyway, I kid you not, but as I was trying to hang one of our bags on a lifebouy a nice lady walked by and said she loved the bag, in fact she liked them all.  She asked if she could try it on?  ”Of course” I replied and brokered a deal for a photo shoot.

I promise you I don’t know this women, but she is one of our first customers and I like her :)

This is the first attempt of making a windbreak pole from the oak that recently arrived.  You will see we had to extend the lathe and the wood has a habit of bouncing around like a tennis ball on a tight rope walk.  Nothing that a wooden structure and some rubber from an old bike tyre couldn’t fix.   Yes, I here you all scream it must take you hours to make one pole!!!  and yes you would be right, but now I have worked it out, built the jig, holding the chisel round the right way and I think I can turn a few an hour.  Still very expensive when you think of my real hourly rate, but if I can turn a large amount to get started it should last.

If, as I hope, the windbreaks are a roaring success, I will get someone to turn them for me (i.e. someone who knows what they are doing).  Anyway, this is the half finished pole.  A bit of sanding and bobs your uncle.