I am delighted to say that a local professional photographer, Stephanie Mackrill, has kindly written a guest blog as follows. On a personal note, Stephanie took the pictures you see on the main site, which I am sure you will agree are first rate. I took some of the pictures that appear on the blog, which only goes to strengthen her point below:

‘Why do I need a professional photographer? I have a digital camera, I’ll do my own photos, it will save money, that will do the job.’

Or will it?

It’s not always easy to convince business owners to part with that little bit of extra advertising budget when they have what they believe to be a perfectly good set of images to use, but as an owner of a small business myself, I have learned if you want a job done properly – allow an expert to do it.

In my case, this means giving my accountant ALL the paper work and not trying to save money by doing some of it myself (and taking twice as long!) OR asking a professional web designer to create my website as I have limited technical ability.

I believe it really makes a difference getting the right person in for the job, it saves me time and creates the best impression possible. This allows me to concentrate on what I do best.

I specialise in lifestyle, portrait, fashion, commercial and PR photography.

Recently I have been approached by more and more design agencies and small businesses asking for professional commercial, lifestyle and website photography. Of all the projects I have worked on the feedback has been nothing but positive.

Some companies have reported on a huge increase in sales of certain products after they have replaced one of their quick shots with one of my professional photos. This kind of response is so flattering and is such a compliment. It only makes me want to invest more time convincing businesses and design agencies they should use a professional photographer as I love what I do and I know I could really make a difference to their marketing image.

A great example of this is three very successful Island companies and regular clients of mine – you can see for yourself at www.wightsails.com (lifestyle shots), www.eurovines.co.uk and www.ohsocherished.co.uk.

Imagery and first impressions are so important. Having professional photos taken may take less time and money than you think. Whatever you may be able to invest, trust me it will be worth it.

For more information please visit www.stephaniemackrill.com or email me at info@stephaniemackrill.com.

Wow, it has been a while since our last post.  Apologies, we have been very busy, but now back in the world of blogging, New Year’s resolutions and all that.

So what have we been up to?  We have been busy designing new products (some below) and very busy selling.   Indeed, we have beenrushed off our feet in the run up to Christmas selling a wide range of products.  Particularly popular have been our trendy shopping trolleys (see below) so I hope to see a few of these in the streets (great for being seen in snow).  It was discussed on twitter that these would be good for the Isle of Wight festival, carrying of kit and the like.

We have much more to come in the New Year, new products, an exciting contract and some fun and games.

We are genuinely humbled by the level of response we have had and all the kind words from customers, bloggers and others so we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

You can find all these new products on the site.

Our popular trolley

New large holdall – still a prototype and the new one will be on the main site very soon.

Fed up with snowy, muddy boots in the back of the car or elsewhere.   We love our boot bags that are already being put to good use.

We mentioned a while back that the nice people at Breast Cancer Campaign were going to auction the Pink Windbreak we made.

Well now they are and you can bid, feel good and then look good.  Auction closes a week Sunday on 24 October so happy bidding and good luck.  From their website:

Every year Breast Cancer Campaign turn the Isle of Wight into the Isle of Pink to help beat breast cancer.

This beautiful pink windbreak was made especially for Breast Cancer Campaign by Wightsails and used at our stall at Bestival, helping us to raise a fantastic £5,000!

Bid to win this one of a kind windbreak and fund breast cancer research in the process.

  • Unique windbreak hand stitched on the Isle of Wight
  • Standard 3 panel 4 pole
  • Super quick dry
  • Very light yet very strong (that’s what sails are made for)
  • Easy to clean
  • A totally recycled/upcycled product (other than the cotton)
  • Includes strong, easy to carry case

100% of the selling price will go to Breast Cancer Campaign and will enable us to fund vital breast cancer research projects, to help the 46,000 women and men diagnosed in the UK each year.

Thanks for your support!

Plantable tags

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We have new tags and keeping with the theme, they are made from mashed up paper and then impregnated with seeds.  So you don’t throw them away, you plant them and watch them grow.  Cool eh ?!



Almost gone

Gone – let’s watch the flowers grow

Don’t want to screw into the floor or the wall or just hate those ugly things on springs, but still need to protect the wall from the children running through the door and slamming the handle through the plasterboard?

We are designing some heavier door stops and came up with these door cushions in the meantime.  Stuffed full of recycled sail cuttings they make the perfect padding and will protect your door, wall and sanity.   Also great for throwing at children who run through your house :)  They will be on sale on the site very soon.

I just liked this and it gets the message across.

Bespoke covers

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We are making all sorts of products now, such as this Swing Chair cover.

Made for a lady who owns a 1930s swing chair and was fed up with the green canvas that rots, falls off and doesn’t look that good.   She loves it and we are very pleased, we think it looks classy, although we are a little bias.   More work coming in for gate covers and other different items.  Busy times :) More photos in the Wightsails in the Wild gallery.

Doing our bit for the excellent work of the Breast Cancer Campaign and helping to turn the Island Pink in Isle of Pink month we have produced our own Wightsails Pink Windbreak.

The lovely people at the Breast Cancer Campaign will be using this windbreak on their stall at the Bestival this coming weekend so please drop in and say hello.

After the festival we will be auctioning the windbreak with proceeds going to the charity.  Watch this space for more details.

Watch out if you put a windbreak up around the Bristol area, the windbreak police may be upon you!

The Guardian recently posts about a family’s day out that is ruined by over zealous officials who claimed their windbreak was a semi permanent structure and broke local bye laws.  They were ordered to take it down.   Have you ever heard of anything so silly.  Here was this poor family with a guest from Spain hiding from the British weather when along comes a jobs worth with a clip board and knowledge of the sub sections of the local bye laws and ruins their day.  To what end?!

I never knew windbreaks could be against the law and the naughty boy in me wants to go and put some up just to challenge this ridiculous rule. Apparently, the offending bye law doesn’t specifically mention ‘windbreaks’.  It mentions tents and other structures, but not windbreaks.

Anyway, I will let you know when clandestine operations will commence.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the guys and girls at Kemp Sails who have just donated some of their old sails.

I drove down white van man style and was met by Toby and Rob who helped weak little me load some monster sails into the van.  As we struggled to push one into the back of a van a very kind lady rushed out and showed us how to ‘man’handle a sail.  You should have seen the fun getting them out however.  I now have a sail from a 90ft boat to move into our sail storage area (aka Shed).    Anyway, these guys were great and looking at their operation they were running a very good ship (excuse the pun).

Thanks once again guys.