It was a lovely day to start chopping up sails.   We pulled out the old machine and begun experimenting with the poorest sails.   But what to make?  We decided to start small and make a dinghy cover :)    I actually needed one and it would also act as a good advertisement down at the dinghy park.   Just a one off as an experimental product because as we began we realised the amount of sail cloth needed to build what is a very large sail cloth sleeping bag.

I am loving this and it makes a change from trying to stow a huge sail whilst being lashed by sea and having cold sea water trickle down your neck.

Lessons already learnt?!   We need a new machine (we sort of guessed this anyway), we need a nice high table, we are getting to love sails (weirdos), and we believe we have a knack for this :)    Pictures to follow as now complete and on the dinghy, just waiting for another sunny day.