About Wightsails

Wightsails is an Isle of Wight based company.   All our products are hand crafted and made on the Island.

We recycle old sails into new beautiful products. Converting old sails into new products reduces landfill and provides products for life. Reducing the consumption of new raw materials, Wightsails make products from old sails and other old and disused materials to make beautiful, bags, windbreaks, deckchairs, shopping trolleys and beach furniture to name but a few.

Isle of Wight residents, Peter Le Masurier and Marcia Young run Wightsails.   Marcia is a local businesswoman with experience in design and has a real eye for creating beautiful products from sails.  Her designs are proving a hit across the board and she is being put forward for a number of awards later in the year.     Peter  is a serial entrepreneur, lawyer and business adviser who has a passion for sailing and sails.   Wightsails is just the beginning of a venture that will see us develop many old products into new works of art.

We work and live on the lovely Island that is the Isle of Wight and all of our products are made on the Island.   Where we have to source third party products we do so with care.  Such as our deckchair frames which literally come from across the water from Southsea Deckchairs and are eco friendly.

We are currently discussing with the Isle of Wight Council means to allocate a bin at the local dumps where people can dump their sails instead of throwing them into landfill.

If you have old sails please contact us.

For every sail received we also make a small donation to one of our chosen charities, currently the RNLI and Ellen MacArthur Trust.

All our products are made on the Isle of Wight and we support Isle of Wight businesses.